Saturday, November 08, 2008

OMG! - (Oh-My-God!)

Now we have the BIG THREE automakers asking for "relief"....

We, as a nation are being asked to provide funds to bailout those automakers who cannot (basically because of U-N-I-O-N problems) compete on the stage of the international competition.......

If we do so, and there is a HUGE possibility we will, then we are dolts...inepts, idiots, and headed for the fall of our great experiment in democracy!

Those who fail in business do so with the knowledge that they are risking something...They KNOW they are at risk...they play their cards, and they try....

IF THEY FAIL, they do so because the public does not buy their product.

WHY should you and I pay for the stupid decisions of MO-Town??????

WHY should we believe IF we give them $ they will cure

They have not indicated they will change; just that they wish us to BAIL THEM OUT!

Stupid is as stupid does.....