Saturday, December 06, 2008

Microsoftless World????

Michael S. Malone offers some thoughts....

For my part I believe Michael is missing the larger point. PCs/Laptops seem to me to be becoming the "Typewriters" of our era while everything from phone/cameras/emailers/whatever devices are becoming our new communication method.

While I still utilize my PC & laptop as devices for some emailing and mostly for chores like producing a newsletter for a local hospital, and signs/tickets/posters/form for my Elks Lodge, I use my phone for most common communication. It is possible to type/use Excel/use Word/my camera (and then send the photo) and do lots more without ever heading to the computer.

Now comes Asus, and a fleet of brands of small laptops down to 8 inches in screen size. They seem to me as the next step toward an eventual co-joining of the phone and laptop into a small keyboarded or voice-controlled unit which will be computer/phone/and internet connection. All in the size of a blackberry...possibly storing all your data in a repository at your home or in some remote location.

Advances in the PC are beginning to look to me like advances in horse-drawn wagons...too little and too late.