Sunday, January 04, 2009

It Ain't Over Til The (FAT) Media Lady Sings...

I subscribed to a theory espoused by a number of my fellow bloggers that the MSM, sold lock-stock-and-barrel to Obama, would wake up the day after election and realize their exposure and lack of credibility and begin a process of working hard back toward their version of middle-of-the-road.


Obama and company have had so many problems already with Blago, dropped possible appointees, resigned possible appointees, etc. that there should be an uproar louder than Niagra Falls in the MSM. They hardly seem to notice A-N-Y connection to Obama.

While I consider this to be a continuation of the MSM adoration and blind-eye to Obama's possible shortcomings, I look back to the Inauguration of Wild Willie Clinton, and remember the similar things that happened to him; most of which were covered with barely a notice by the MSM.

Same stuff; different day!

This media problem is going to be resolved only by the complete and utter failure of the MSM financially (something not far removed from the present). But then by the time they fail the Democrats will have tried to reinstall "Fairness Doctrine 101", and we'll lose a lot of the Right media vis-a-vis blogs and radio shows to equal time and such.