Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Attention Al Gore! - Sea Ice N-O-T Melting; Just Your Global Warming Scam!!!

Neal Boortz reports:


This is going to be upsetting news to many of you out there. Global sea ice levels are now equal to those recorded 29 years ago. This is according to the University of Illinois's Arctic Climate Research Center. Why only since 1979? Because that was the first year we started recording this data. But for you people out there howling over the melting sea ice and the endangered polar bears .. now what? Sea ice is at the same level as almost 30 years ago. The number of polar bears is increasing. Back in May, the United States officially put polar bears on the threatened species list. And do you know why? Because of "concerns over disappearing sea ice." You mean the same sea ice that is at the same level it was 30 years ago? Is it starting to dawn on you? This global warming craze is a scam. The goal here is to hamstring capitalism, transfer wealth, and empower government. There is absolutely no reason for polar bears to be a threatened species, especially because of global warming. But, since they're cute and all that, there they are on the list.

Oh and just so you know, sea ice doesn't affect ocean levels. So if you are concerned that all of this sea ice is going to melt and we are going to have those apocalyptic rising oceans - as promised by Owl Gore - Get over it. Try this little experiment. Put water and ice into a bowl. Make sure that the water is right up to the brim of the bowl. When the ice melts the water will not rise and overflow the bowl. Don't get a government-funded scientist to do this for you. He will somehow come up with a different result, so do it yourself.

By the way .. for those of you who were convinced that the North Pole was going to be one big swimming pool by the end of 2008, congratulations on making to 2009 where I am glad to report that Arctic ice saw a substantial recovery last year."

The facts just keep getting in the way of the Global Warming theory.....