Tuesday, June 03, 2008

We Play On!

The entire charade of an election for the President is being exposed....but to very, very few!

This election year we are deluged by a litany of "change" and other such words which deny us the power to seek our own feelings for the Presidential election.

There is precious little in the way of actual words from the candidates as to their stand on anything!

Obama is solving everything by "change"...but with little, if any, substance....

McCain is hiding his "illegals" stand behind a shower of "I was not aware" of the feelings of the populace. He still harbors the feelings of supporting illegals far too much!

We are in trouble, my friends.....The electorate this fall will have little choice. Socialist Obama, or mucho Liberal McCain.

I feel strongly that McCain will win, but we are still bereft of the ideals of Conservative GOP...

McCain does not understand....or maybe he does! & He does not care!

he may recognize the Obama campaign as short/delusional/without ideas.

Who knows where this one will go!