Tuesday, May 27, 2008

SCARY Stuff!

The Duchess and I went to an Elks State Convention this past weekend....in Orlando. I was required to attend as I am now Lodge Secretary. We did the meeting/hospitality thing, and enjoyed as much as you can in such an environment.

Then things went horribly wrong!

Saturday evening, about 5:30 pm, Duchess joined one of our friends in seeking sustenance in another hospitality suite. The friend returned, ashen-faced and said my Duchess had a problem. I moved quickly outside to find my love unable to swallow/keep anything down, etc.

After a 911 call, and a quick trip to the Disney hospital (we were at a Disney-Orlando resort) Duchess and I had to wait for hours. She had a piece of steak lodged in her valve between esophagus and stomach. A long wait produced a G. I. doc who proceeded to use a scope to remove the offending meat and do a bit of repair.

We left and got back to our resort at 4:45 am.....

Duchess was in pain in her throat and having experienced the entire thing while awake. What a horrendous thing!

She is now recovered.

I aged 10 years in the face of the happenings.

It is quite nice that Disney had such a service available at their site. (Celebration Hospital)

I can now breathe normally!