Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama....The Clueless!

This upstart freshman Senator has indicated that engaging Iran's leader....IS JUST FINE!

He is bereft of any judgement.

Obama is without support from any political/military person!

BUT, He has supporters......The Main Stream Media. They simply L-O-V-E this guy. He can do no wrong. That, perhaps, explains the fact that when he states we have 57 states....they take a pass! He is "Allowed" to be stupid!

Guess what would have followed if McCain had stated he had visited 57 states!


There would have been a media furor of the 1st water.

Where is the MSM......In the tank for Obama.

We have not seen the entire picture yet folks! These media folks will claim ANY attack against Obama as "Racist".....Gar-un-teed! We will live with this until election Tuesday!

I promise.

The question is....will the American electorate awake to this deception and vote for a President who can continue to STOP Islamic terrorists....OR, will they vote for the ghost who promises ALL things to EVERYONE!....supported by YOUR NEW TAXES!??????