Saturday, May 31, 2008

Obama's Gaffe Meter Is Pegged!

This young fellow is prone to mistakes which he seems to not even know are potential problems!

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air"

"How many times did Quayle misspell potato before the American media and popular culture proclaimed him an idiot? We can add this to Obama’s existing list of gaffes and blunders:

* The Selma March in 1965 did not contribute to his birth in 1961.
* Kansas tornadoes in May 2007 killed 12 people, not “ten thousand”.
* Afghans do not speak Arabic.
* Misunderstanding Memorial Day, and then claiming to see “fallen heroes” in the Memorial Day audience.
* Same day: putting Auschwitz in western Germany, not Poland.
* “57 states”.

Again … how many times did Quayle misspell potato? (via The Corner)"

The entire story by "Capt. Ed" IS RIGHT HERE!!!

Indeed One Potato, Two Potato.....etc.