Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Tale of Two Books!

You know the name Scott McClellan; however, I will bet you have not heard of Douglas Feith. There is a good reason this is so.

Both wrote books about the Bush Administration in the run-up to the Iraqi war.

However, the Feith book differs from the McClellan book in two major ways. 1st, it is fairly supportive of the Bush side. That explains why you have not heard of it. The media will not even review the book since it does not bash Bush. 2nd point of difference? The book is backed by lots and lots of references for all Feith's points. In addition Feith has a web site with connections to the materials referenced in his book. You can check him out.

McClellan lacks that. He has nothing but his opinion for the most part.

Feith's book.......#84 in sales. McClellan's book........in the top ten for sure.

Power of the media, and popularity of the Bush Bashers.

Ever feel it when you get brainwashed?