Monday, June 02, 2008

The Queen is Dead.....Long Live The Queen!

Hillary is roadkill.....Not in the traditional sense, but this blow to the Ms. Clinton ego will leave lasting, and devastating marks! There will be NO tomorrow.

Despite the many pundits who postulate that the Queen lives and will thrive, once Hillary abdicates officially...probably about Wednesday or Thursday of this week...there will be no more.

Pundits/Writers who say she will then drop to being head of the Senate do not observe the fact that she has not carried majority endorsements in this august body, despite her membership.

Those who say she will regroup and come back in 2012 are lacking in political acumen! She is toast except in New York, where even in her newfound home she is suspect.

This was Hillary's last hurrah!

She is a politician who might go on for years, but she is bereft of the charisma she borrowed from Bill, and she is not going to ever again have that magic bullet.

Personally, as some others have written, I believe in his heart-of-hearts Bill was not ready to have her as President.

McCain will be the President in 2009!