Friday, January 18, 2008

"Let's Soak The Rich!" - Hillary Battle Cry

The Hildabeast will scream the words about getting dollars from the works as most who are not rich see rich folks as villains.

The problem......The rich are already getting soaked!!!!!
(From The Congressional Budget Office)

That's right folks.....The top 1% of the income group pay an astounding 27.6% of ALL TAXES......and an unbelievable 38.8% of all INCOME TAXES!

Oh, and they only make 17% of the income. Worse, since the 1980s, those with high incomes have been gradually paying more of the tax bill each year...not less as the Democrats would have you believe.

For full details just go to Neal Boortz site and READ IT ALL!!!

This should open some eyes, but the liberal Main Stream Media are not at all happy about exposing this and putting the lie to Democrat rhetoric!

Good thing we have the blogosphere...