Wednesday, January 16, 2008

DEMs - "Evil Lenders Causing Loan Default Problems!"

R-I-G-H-T !!!!!

Can you say "Nanny State?" Can you say, "Let government save you?"

How about this one, "I take responsibility for myself!".......OOPS that is not on the Democrat list.

Tyler Cowen, writing in the Business page of the NYT tells the REAL story:

"IT’S NOT JUST THE LENDERS There has been plenty of talk about “predatory lending,” but “predatory borrowing” may have been the bigger problem. As much as 70 percent of recent early payment defaults had fraudulent misrepresentations on their original loan applications, according to one recent study. The research was done by BasePoint Analytics, which helps banks and lenders identify fraudulent transactions; the study looked at more than three million loans from 1997 to 2006, with a majority from 2005 to 2006. Applications with misrepresentations were also five times as likely to go into default.

Many of the frauds were simple rather than ingenious. In some cases, borrowers who were asked to state their incomes just lied, sometimes reporting five times actual income; other borrowers falsified income documents by using computers. Too often, mortgage originators and middlemen looked the other way rather than slowing down the process or insisting on adequate documentation of income and assets. As long as housing prices kept rising, it didn’t seem to matter.

In other words, many of the people now losing their homes committed fraud. And when a mortgage goes into default in its first year, the chance is high that there was fraud in the initial application, especially because unemployment in general has been low during the last two years."

Let the Democrats continue to propose program, after program, after program....and you'll never have to be responsible for yourself again! Of course, you'll get no CONTROL over your own life either. They, the Dems, will handle that too....Just send them the vast majority of your money and then all they will want is.......MORE MONEY!

I am personally tired of even friends and relatives who subscribe to the theory that government owes them something.