Saturday, January 12, 2008

& Then Mortality Rears Its Ugly Head!

Having spent the final 14 years of my career in the health care field at a major hospital, and as a person whose job was primarily statistics....mortality was a name for a figure I had to compile for every service, every physician, every surgeon, etc. It was a name for an occurrence....

NOW it becomes more real.

Without names, I have to relate the impact of this upon Duchess and I.

Daughter in Illinois has an 83 year old Father-in-law. He still works!

One week ago, he felt really, really bad. He went to the hospital. They checked him in and began tests.

One week later the results are in......"The Big C"....but not just that. He is riddled with the cancer. His colon was probably 1st, then it spread to liver and bile ducts.....Now it is pervasive in his major organs.

Prognosis....probably hours to a few days. No treatment.

Life is fragile, my friends, and you had better keep that uppermost in your mind most of the time.

LIVE - ENJOY.......

BUT!!!!! Remember "Lest it do no harm!" In plain and enjoy, but please be observant of others lives at the same time.

I am sad, but at 83 our friend/relative-by-marriage has lived a full life and will leave behind progeny of which he can be proud. We are!

Ed, our prayers are with you, and we salute a life well-lived....a family which knows how to survive and enjoy the results of that life.

May I go so peacefully, and so quick!

God Speed, my friend......