Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Illegals Go Home! - It Ain't Rocket Science!

The MSM cries, yowls, and carries on about the plight of our illegals.....BUT the solution is NOT what they envisioned we were seeking; i.e. the deportation of the 12 million or so.

At Wizbang Jay Tea tells it like it is!

Why-oh-why cannot we here in Florida manage to find a way to make the illegals less-comfortable? Then the problem solves itself! They go home!

Is anyone in government listening? NOPE, Not in Florida. They are too busy pandering! After all the major fruit/tomato/strawberry producers are huge contributors to the political parties....and they need illegal labor to keep their costs down....even if we, the real taxpayers, get soaked for healthcare, and lots of other societal costs. I am tired of supporting major business via this method. Let the free market take command, and let people work for what they are worth....NOT what the BIG BUSINESS interests wish to dictate they are worth.

Shame.....on them for doing so, and on us for electing them!