Monday, January 07, 2008

Global Warmers - "The Sky Is Falling (On Polar Bears!)"

This is ridiculous.....continuing the AlGore school of yell and scream til everybody believes, there are many who are screaming that polar bears need to be on the endangered species list.....because "they may be gone in 50 years due to global warming."


The sane voices are still out there, and they are growing louder.....Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is opposed to listing the bears as endangered....seems there are two problems: 1) There are thousands more polar bears today than a few decades ago & 2) The information used to predict the bears may be gone is mostly speculation, and based upon completely unproven information.

Other than that the AlGoreites are full of you-know-what!

To me the encouraging fact is the sane voices grow with each passing GW report of questionable nature.

Global Warming is a sham industry!