Saturday, January 05, 2008

I'm Just Asking!

What if: The GOP's five states penalized with a 50% reduction of their delegates for placing their primary too early by national party rules were to suddenly be the DEALMAKERS?????

Let us say Thompson comes on strong (as some, including me, feel he might) and McCain has held onto a 3rd place spot and Romney is still in the mix? What if the combination of the 50% of delegates dropped from the voting by RNC penalty action could ACTUALLY determine who is nominated????

The party is faced with a catastrophe!

A R-E-A-L catastrophe! If they then vote to include the delegates, the race goes one way. If they continue to deny the votes of delegates from the states that voted early they will both impact the outcome and alienate the entire GOP in the five states (something they have gone a long way toward doing already!).

This is a possibility...albeit a remote one.

& The Dems, who disallowed ALL the votes in the offending states, could be even worse off.

This may be a really interesting year...I can't wait!