Thursday, January 03, 2008

Let The Voting (Caucus) Begin!

Yes, my friends, after enduring MONTHS upon MONTHS of yelling, screaming, idiotic statements, etc. we are finally at the point where SOMETHING is going to happen in Iowa!

This media CIRCUS has legs beyond belief.

I only hope my predictions come true, and they relate only to the GOP side. My DEM predictions would be ill-received as I am so very completely anti-Hillary.....BUT that seems to be the mood of the voter as well (by the latest polls).

Tomorrow will tell a lot......Thompson will still be in it....if 2nd, or third...I am fairly sure he will be no lower than that.

I am also fairly sure Hillary will NOT be anointed by Iowa. Prepare for the end of the Hildabeast's long coronation ceremony!

Time for some "States of Substance" to let their votes loose.....Oh Right, the National Dems and GOPs are against any such thing....they like little-bitty states making decisions first. I-D-I-O-C-Y!!!!!!