Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Are These Muslim Youth on Commission?

Yes, I did write that headline.....yes I did say Muslim youth.....

In France it is considered "relatively quiet" when these idiots O-N-L-Y burn hundreds of cars? Maybe the auto industry has them on commission!!!!!


READ what Little Green Footballs has to say!

Hundreds of cars burned for a quiet night????????

Who put the kids in charge of this "playground?"

Time to call a spade a spade and get down on the uslim youth who are rioting because France does not give them all the "entitlement" they their own judgment.

Are any of our Liberals in the USA watching this crap? & If you are not, then why this site with no less than.....

751 areas of France where you should NOT go.....because they will GET YOU if you do!

Are we at war????? I guess France is, but no one wants to admit it! The French are still avoiding admission that they have handled the Muslim influx in quite a bad fashion!

SAD does not even get close to telling this story!