Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In 2008 We Need To Make Choices...About Terms & Phrases!

This is the year folks. We elect a new President. We elect a new Congress. We elect 1/3rd of the Senate.

Neal Boortz today lets us have it right from the git-go!


Well, let's make that two phrases; and here they are:

  • Giving Back
  • The Less Fortunate

Both of these oft-used phrases have something important in common. They are terms of art used by the left to belittle the concept of individual achievement. Sadly, millions of Americans repeat those words not knowing the motives behind them.

In the case of "giving back" the premise is that those with wealth did not earn it through hard work and good decision making. They were given that wealth. To suggest that someone should "give back" is to imply that whatever they have was given to them. You can't "give back" something that wasn't "given" to you in the first place. Charity is to be commended; but when you give away some of what you've actually spent a part of your life acquiring you're "giving," not "giving back."

As for "the less fortunate," the use of this phrase implies that those without means are victims of bad luck rather than their own laziness, bad work ethic and a dearth of good decisions. To imply that the poor, poor pitiful poor are where they are simply because they weren't "fortunate" is to suggest that those who find themselves in good financial shape were merely lucky. What a convenient way to denigrate the idea of individual achievement. The left can tell you through this "less fortunate" nonsense that you were merely lucky, and those sad poor people were simply unlucky. The left is only evening the odds when they take your stuff and give it to them."

He is more-than right, of course.....harsh as some of the rhetoric seems. Why did we allow the Democrat party to refocus America into the nanny-state? Why did we allow the Democrat party to assure those who have little that it is NOT their fault?

Time for us to take back America and focus on our own responsibility. Has anyone noticed that New Orleans, now back to 2/3rds of its pre-hurricane population, is leading in murder rate again? Anyone want to bet how the NO level of government services used per person is higher than almost anywhere else? No responsibility for oneself. Let the nanny-state babysit us and provide for us from the labors of others. We cannot be held responsible for our choices in life!