Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Is The Sky Falling On Democrats????

The latest Gallup poll shows that 8 out of 10 Americans are satisfied with their lives......and a vast majority are VERY satisfied!

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Democrats will tell you that 1. The economy is BAD...despite continued glowing growth for the past year....2. People are unhappy with life and their lot in same....and, 3. That BIG business is hurting the little guy.

If the Democrat folks have anything right I'd like to know what it is. They are dealing witrh a H-A-P-P-Y population! & They are trying to convince the population that they are NOT happy.....

Of course the "entitlement" crowd...seeking ever more milk from the teat of government are always unhappy. A million dollar a year stipend to them would leave them asking for more. They, you see, have bought in to the Democrat argument that everyone is entitled.......

That, of course, leaves one small problem....if we ALL are entitled...then who will pay for it????? BIG Business? FOLKS if you did not get education beyond government schools, then you do not understand that big business will survive....if they are taxed more, they will charge more. Business is not business if it makes no profit. & as we used to say decades ago when I was a Chamber of Commerce Exec....."Profit is NOT a 4 letter word!"

Guess the Democrat logic misses that point, as they do most things other than pandering to their entitlement crowd!