Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa Gets A Letter - From Vodka Pundit!

Srephen Green, VodkaPundit, issued his reaction to Iowa GOP picking Huckabee...


Can't say I disagree, whilst I might have used a bit nicer language. Huck is going to fall. He is a paper tiger and his previous actions/attitudes will be his undoing.

However, Green seemed less impressed than I about Hillary having her hat, coat & walking shoes handed to her by Iowa voters. The indications are New Hampshire, albeit a VERY different state, may well do the same....and if that occurs the Hildabeast is in
Really, Really Big Trouble!

I LOVE it!

Not trying to bury this, but my projection for Thompson was a bit overzealous...HOWEVER, he did hold a fairly-respectable 3rd place finish and with his recent advances among the populace he just might hammer home a few points in Carolina! The fat lady has not yet begun to sing in the GOP race....

As for the Democrat ticket, the "fat lady" may be being shown the door!