Monday, January 07, 2008

"Hit Me! - Give Me Reason To Yell & Scream!"

Why do I get the feeling the latest III (Irrational Iranian Interception) is just that? The Idiots of Tehran have once-again managed to try any way possible to get the US of A to bomb/shoot at/etc. their country/ships.

Are they just idiots?.....NOPE! The Iranians, following the lead of "What's-His-Name" seem bent upon drawing us into a or otherwise!

They seem to have this as a battle plan. They NEED a war against the awful Americans to insure that THEY themselves are NOT the target of the feelings of their citizenry!

It is simple....If WE (the oppressive Americans) attack them (the oppressed) then they are firm in their control of Iran....

If not....who knows...perhaps the citizenry will begin to awake to the idiocy of the regime and overthrow the idiotarians!

We can hope!