Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary's Tears of WHOA!

I am sorry if I seem hard.....

Did AlGore cry when he was losing? Did GWB, 1st cry when he lost? Did you see any candidate cry/cringe/or yell when they were down....other than Hillary? (O.K., Ya got me.....Howard (Foghorn) Dean made some really, really vulgar sounds in Iowa)

This woman has lied, schemed, covered-up, cussed, changed positions more than a kama sutra model......and she still believes her tears will work.

My answer is that Bill seems to be campaigning only half-heartedly....He K-N-O-W-S! He knows it is NOT going to fly. He does not, however, have the you-know-whats to tell her it is ending.

Wanna bet, if she loses, how long they will be together....if they really even are now?

End of 2008, they will be making it official.