Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So You Want Government Healthcare?

Government Healthcare.....Oxymoron!

From Neal Boortz today:


We've been so busy with the presidential race ... but not busy enough to dwell on one of our favorite subjects: government-run healthcare. Universal healthcare. Socialized medicine. Whatever the candidates want to call it.

In Great Britain, the government has devised a brilliant plan to save billions of dollars from the NHS budget ... if you have a health problem, just take care of it yourself! That's right. Instead of going to the hospital or consulting a doctor, patients in Britain's government-run healthcare system will be encouraged to carry out "self-care." But don't worry ... this is just until the Treasury figures out a way to curb spending.

The NHS wants to get rid of those "frivolous visits" ... you know, all the ones dealing with arthritis, asthma or even heart failure! That's right. Heart failure. These types of patients will be encouraged to treat themselves.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown explains that this is a good improvement because it allows patients to "play a far more active role in managing their own condition." I've got an idea on how individuals can manage their own condition ... it's called private healthcare. It's called letting market forces determine where people can get the best care and for what price. How's that for managing your own condition.

The idea of the government controlling our health care not only gives me heartburn .. .but some rather potent gas as well. Excuse me while I go manage the situation."

(Emphasis added by Duke hisself!)

Thanks for that graphic Neal! Yuck.....But, of course, he is R-I-G-H-T !!!! I guess the new English phrase....formerly, "Physician heal thyself!" is now "Patient heal thyself!"

Remember one thing folks when you are pining for that "free healthcare" provided by the government...."There is no free lunch!"

IF this comes to pass, we will pay for it....BIG TIME and much more costly than personal choose-your-own healthcare. Who is the "WE"....You and I...the middle-class tax payer. Ain't gonna be a free ride, and then we might get our invite to "take care of our own problems"....

THINK folks....be alert, be aware, and stop dreaming of freebies that cannot exist!