Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It Ain't Obama! - It's Clinton!!!!!

The news stories tell of Obama trampling upon Clinton's "grapes of wrath"....and taking the election away from her.

Excuse me!

Obama is NOT the reason the party is moving away from Clinton. Obama is the only "alternative" to another Clinton. He is the person who offers up an alternative to "Bill, II"...BUT without the charm, open enjoyment of politics, etc. Hillary offers up a sad 2nd to Bill....devoid of the personality that actually won the Presidency for the bumpkin from Arkansas...the "Aw Gawrsh" vote....

She is too slick....carries a lot of baggage from hidden efforts; Whitewater, et al......

Obama is not the cure....he is the alternative.

The GOP will do well in exposing his flanks in the general election.