Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Uncommitted = Anti-Hillary

The Hillary campaign got a rather large slap across the face yesterday in Michigan. She was the ONLY top Democrat candidate on the ballot......the others in the also-ran category were topped by Dennis Kook-cinich.

However.....In Michigan, where the Democrat Party had already lifted their delegates for voting "too early", the final name on the ballot "Uncommitted" reached right out and bit Hillary.

In most metro areas, where black voters hold a huge block of the Democrat votes, the uncommitteed took between 60% & 70% of the Democrat Hillary's 20%+

That is big news. That sez, coupled with exit polls, that Obama would have topped Hillary handily in Michigan.

Now to S. Carolina where a shift could easily give Obama not only the top spot, but a HUGE momentum into Florida where Hillary's current lead could dissolve faster than soap bubbles in a high wind.

We may be witnessing a huge change here folks.

On the GOP side Romney had his campaign revived with 38% to McCain's 30%....and now to S. Carolina where anything could happen.