Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Got Tru-Bull.....Right Here In Clinton City!

One who has followed the Clintonistas saga for the time period from Bill 1st runs to now will quickly spot the times when the Clinton Machine smells trouble in the winds (polls).....

This is one of those times....a serious one.

Measuring the degree of trouble for the Clinton candidacy is simple. Just read the news.....NO, not the polls themselves...but the eruptions and actions from the Clinton camp.

Bill is ranting against a reporter again....he does this when a) cornered or b) polls tell him Hildabeast is not doing well.

Also the Clinton camp is taking legal not B & H, but their halt any action they see as dropping their voter-support.

Currently the reading of such in the news is plen-tee-ful!

Hillary is in trouble and the full force of the Clinton machine will/is being brought to bare(??)...
That word seems to spring out whenever Bill is involved.

I smell defeat for Hillary, and that is NOT good for the GOP.....most polls show most of the top four GOP candidates would lose to Obama.

Go Hillary!