Friday, January 18, 2008

Instapundit - A Man For All Topics!

Those of us who blog frequently usually have a sort of check-off-list of sites to visit where we get a feel for what is happening, and perhaps to find some nugget of information that kick-starts our creative juices.

I have a few places I go each time I sign on.....

Instapundit is one...perhaps my most-visited site.

If you have not been there, or have not in some time, you need to go and READ-READ-READ!!!

Not only is the man an amazing talent in his own right (he is, after all, a law professor, a photographer with intimate knowledge of cameras and their capabilities, at the very least a semi-expert in nano-technology, a cook extraordinaire, knowledgeable in all types of cooking equipment and such) he also stays on top of the blogosphere in a way I have seen in no one else.

If you are a blogger and skip about the many, many sites (last I heard the number of blogs had blossomed from a paltry 8 million just two years ago to more than 40 million today) you know the problems of trying to stay atop this monster pony of information. Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit's name) is possibly a consummate master at it. His information presented daily....several times per day....points to such a large quantity of information that it is unbelievable he manages to find it all.

My only advice to this superb information-gatherer......KEEP IT UP!

You give each of us something at which to point our own efforts.

Thanks Glenn for making blogging fun and much more entertaining than those of us who simply stay within a few topics.

Keep it up, fella!