Friday, January 18, 2008

GET Smart!

I've been watching this for more than 18 months......

I invested in a small company, Zap, Inc. which originally was bringing these into the USA. But, as often happens....once Mercedes found the acceptance factor they just simply did not deliver cars to the ZAP folks til the time ran out on their deal, and then formed their own group with Penske for distribution basically to their own dealers. Now they go on sale this coming week...and supposedly 30,000 folks have already plunked down $99 each to hold their place in line to buy one.

I still find them fascinating, and may consider one for our next "Toad" (the car we pull behind our motorhome). They come from $13,000 for the el-stripo model to an even $18,000 for the above cabriolet with all the trim including such nice options as AC, power everything, and a nice leather interior. Oh, and they get 33 mpg around town and 41 mpg on the highway. They have a 3 cylinder engine, and even a paddle shifter for their automatic.


p.s. The ZAP folks are doing OK...we've gone electric and are bringing in small trucks and cars to sell. Fed-Ex just bought 42 of the little trucks for use in the Portland area....If that goes the company will be on the way with thousands of orders from Fed-Ex alone.