Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EXIT, Running....Stage Left! McCain!

Way back HERE, I predicted McCain leaving....

I am not sure he can last til the date I suggested.......End of August!

He packs WAY too much baggage from McCain/Feingold to "The Gang of 14" to Immigration to E-V-E-R be the GOP nominee. It has nothing to do with his war record....it has nothing to do with his Iraq war support, it is all about WRONG choices he made over the years. Choices in which I am sure he believed.....B-U-T his party DID NOT!

His press corp resigned enmasse Monday... another blow to a crippled campaign. There is a reason so many are bailing, and it does NOT have to do with the funding. Dedicated people stay on without money. He has lost the support of even his staff and supporters.

McCain's candidacy is dead!