Monday, July 16, 2007

& The Bush Economy Keeps Stumbling 13950!!!!

My gosh, don't you just hate when the Bush tax cuts result in a really, really, good economy? Well, at least the Democrats and liberal media do!

The numbers today from DOW.......13,950 and climbing!

We'll hit 14,000 soon.....a number I never thought we'd I never thought we'd do 12,000, and 13,000, and 14,000......

Bush gets a L-O-T wrong, but on the economy he is R-I-G-H-T!!!!!

The DEMs want to drop the "tax cuts" (actually they are not "cuts" just letting taxpayers, those who generate the growth of our economy, KEEP more of their money so they can reinvest!....BUT, the DEMs will cause a total shutdown of the economy if they reverse the tax cuts....MARK MY WORDS!!!!!

Please, Please believe me......My retirement money depends upon continued Bush/GOP enforcement of existing tax cuts!

DEM models to stop the cuts will shut us down, and my money, and yours will be worth less!

I promise, and I will bookmark this post and re-post whenever it is appropriate for purposes of showing DEM mistakes.....planned mistakes. DEMs never met a tax hike they didn't like, and never liked any tax cut! Despite the tracks of economists over decades who have proven the DEMs wrong!!!!!

They must T-A-X, or die!!!!!!

It is their religion!