Thursday, July 12, 2007

One Story....Bias Shows in Headlines....

The long-awaited, and much maligned (pre-release) story on Iraq progress is due out today. It will show progress on 8 progress on 8 points and mixed results on two points.

The vaunted Main Stream Media (Read antique media) headlines the story.....BUT their online headlines seem as if related to different stories......

FOX - "Report: Progress in Iraq, 8 of 18 key benchmarks met."

ABC - "Bush's Iraq Progress Report shows No Progress on Key Points"

MSNBC - "Mixed Review, Report says Iraq Government Fails on half of Benchmarks."

CBS - "White House to give Mixed Review on Iraq."

CNN - "Iraq Benchmarks Report Shows Progress at 50-50."

How does the same story generate such disparate headlines? Bias....Is the glass half full or half empty?

FOX, CBS & CNN seem similar.......However, notice the words leaping off the page for MSNBC (FAILS on half) and ABC (No Progress on Key Points)

We got no media bias......Har Har!