Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have had this blog up and running for three years. That seems impossible!

My volume remains low....comfortable, but low.....

According to the "Bear" I am usually ranked 2700 to 3000 in his domain.....That actually is pretty darn good when you figure there are an estimated 12 MILLION blogs out there.

Of course, I am not in the class with the bigs.....several of whom I exchange emails with regularly.

However, I have to say....most of my conversations and/or communication is with folks at my level.

I love blogging.....I love bloggers, and I am truly proud that we have accomplished as much as we have regarding blogger power in influence of the politicos!

I am particularly proud of our push to stop the disastrous Immigration bill!!!

Happy Anniversary to My Blog! May there be may more years of said and same.....Perhaps I shall be a bit more attentive to the blog, and the facts I present.... BUT nothing will interfere with my retirement....and my RV and Picture blogs......

YES, I maintain several blogs......

Go check:

& Then I Bought an RV my Travel blog for our motorhome!


Tampa Town Review my picture blog!

We (Duchess & I) will be departing July 22nd for points North for three weeks, and you will get lots of pics and stories of our travels at those sites.....and this one might lag a bit as I work on travel and enjoyment (that's what retirement is folks!)