Tuesday, July 17, 2007

FBI: Iraqis Being Smuggled Across The Rio Grande !!!

I'd be shouting out loud if i was not so damned angry.

The FBI reports More than a year of Iraqi movement into the USA

Anybody want to report this to GW "I Don't See No Problem" Bush? He might not read the FBI reports. Chertoff is still wanting lettuce pickers, and will probably say, "A few terrorists....but thousands of great workers!"

I believe I said it before; IT'S THE BORDER, STUPID! This time saying it will do no more than those before.

Dems are worried about funding and fighting in Iraq......Meanwhile Iraqis are coming here....across the Rio Grande!

I'll bet they are lettuce-pickers too......but really great people! We are in for some really, really stinking poo before long folks, and it will be the bleeding-heart Liberals, backed by Bush/McCain/Martinez who will have caused it.

This is serious stuff folks....