Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SO...Excuse Me, But......

What the heck is Michael Vick doing?

Let me see....he makes $MILLIONS$ per year playing football. He has a great life....he is adored by many fans.

He has to raise and trade/buy/sell Killer Fighting Dogs?????

What is wrong here. Is he showing a lot of "KID"?

Perhaps. No conVICKtion yet, but there is a reason this arrest and now indictment happened... I suspect it has little to do with his star quality.

I'd like to see sometime an actual study of the percentage of sports stars who are involved in crimes as opposed to the rest of us "ordinary people"......

Might be enlightening.....Too much money? Too much time??? Too little stability enduced by the crowds of fans which make them "special" beyond belief?

Maybe all of the above......