Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Two-Party Betrayal System on Immigration!

Think we are protected from a new "amnesty" by the GOP? Think again!

Thomas Sowell at Real Clear Politics tells the story as well, or better than any I have read.


There......was that too hard to say? I firmly believe if each of us, as voters, tell our elected folks what we feel in the terms brightly printed above we will achieve something.

Well, most of us. Some of our elected (Mel Martinez-RINO, FL) have no scruples at all, and will vote the GWB line at every opportunity.....but then Martinez is not a native of the USA. Perhaps he has ambitions beyond Senator for the future....and he NEEDS the Mexican/Latino vote! Hummm!
Gotta get rid of that "native-born" clause in the constitution!

I am sick of this, and to find that the polls tell us the American public wants a wall, and then to see our elected pandering to the mirage of an Hispanic vote is pathetic. If we do not vote these dolts out-of-office, it is our own fault for what they do!

Think about it!