Thursday, June 07, 2007

Immigration Bill Life Support!


This dog won't hunt.....

The vote tonight in the Senate was 45 for; 50 against a vote on cloture (to cut off debate). Thus the motion failed, meaning in effect the immigration bill is down and the count is 9....

Harry Reid, amid crying and sniveling, said he would try to bring it back in a few weeks.....but shelved the bill for now.

Me thinks the message of more than half the nation telling its elected officials that they want BORDER CONTROL 1st....had an impact.

I am still very, very PO'd at Our own Florida Senator Mel (Immigration be good!) Martinez. This man has found more ways to make me angry in a short Senate stay than almost anyone else other than a few of our other RINOs.....

Now, can we move on to other issues for a while, and then bring on a bill with border security as a 1st step? Doubtful, but one can hope.