Friday, June 08, 2007

Pot....Meet Kettle!

If you wanna get my attention, 1st begin enforcing the laws now on the books.....Then we can talk!

I have nothing against Geraldo Rivera......except the part about his narrow-minded, ultra-liberal, muckraking news (editorializing) broadcasts and statements.

I quit watching him about the time he broke down a wall to find lord knows what in a "hidden room"......

Having spent most of the last few years just refusing to watch when i knew he'd be around, this morning I was watching Fox News, and was given a stark reminder of WHY I don't watch him.

He came on to try to trounce one and all who opposed the immigration bill....sometimes known as Amnesty 2-01 (we had 1-01 in 1986!). He went on a rampage about the millions of poor innocent folks who were left hanging in the wind without the bill....and how the gestapo storm troopers (ICE Agents) made these folks feel fear and discomfort. He added that there was not room for the 12 million in our jails. (Did someone propose jailing them???? I never heard it)

He then proceeded to issue the traditional uber-liberal "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with facts!" statement as he urged that no more folks send him emails about the issue.

I am amazed at the folks, such as "Horrible Revolting" who can choose their arguments with such complete disregard for those really nasty things called F-A-C-T-S!

Fact Many of the 12 million....some hundreds of thousands....are already criminals beyond their breaking the law to enter this country. They are killing people in our country daily.

Fact A good percentage of the illegal folks are here only for money & THE BENEFITS. They care not for this country nor its laws, nor its territorial integrity. Many espouse openly that large portions of the SW USA are actually "theirs."

Fact An equally large portion find no reason to follow the use of our English language, and instead demand that we offer everything in two languages. They are not interested in being a part of this country. Their goal....take money from a successful society while maintaining no involvement in that society.

I could go on.....but you are already probably on one side or the other.

To me this is all VERY simple.....IF you remove politics!

1. Build a fence/wall/containment. It is OUR national border.....defending it is required constitutionally of our elected folks. No law passed to deal with the illegals here works until we stop the flow of more illegals into the country! (see references to the amnesty bill of 1986....cut from EXACTLY the same cloth!)

2. Begin a plan to deal with those that the flood across the border has been stopped. If you wish to be in our country.....become a part of this country. (Go try to collect social security/medical/healthcare/welfare in Mexico!)

It is that simple.......2 steps to resolution. I'll bet you gain an instant avalanche of approval from LEGAL residents and voters.....

For my part I congratulate those who would not be steamrollered into accepting a bill which basically is the one already on the books....and which has NEVER been enforced. If you wanna get my attention, 1st begin enforcing the laws now on the books.....Then we can talk!

Nuff Said!

UPDATE: Just to bolster my views......actually I probably bolster his......well, anyway we agree... No less than Senator Byron Dorgan states his position against the amnesty bill!