Friday, June 08, 2007

Once Again Martinez Votes RINO!

Our Senator Mel Martinez.....ever the devotee to GWB, his prime sponsor into the Senate, aided by Martinez' defiling attacks against both his own GOP opponent and the Democratic opponent, has once again proven to be NO GOP Senator!

He has joined Nelson, our admitted DEM Senator in voting to impose cloture on the immigration bill.....thus trying to insure Bush's ill-conceived, and highly unpopular immigration "amnesty" bill is passed. (IT is AMNESTY!, no matter Bush's rhetoric).

This man needs seriously to be a one-term Senator.....NO MATTER who I have to vote for! For me that is a really Strong Statement!!!! I am a GOP, with Libertarian leanings....

Just read his vote record HERE!!!!

He is NOT MY Senator......I guess I don't have one as I find he and Nelson to be simpatico......Martinez is pro-immigration in all respects. That leaves those of us who like having a country with strong borders, and strong laws about them out in-the-cold!

Mel, please go home.....I believe he is from somewhere in the islands....he is certainly not from the USA!