Friday, June 08, 2007

A Bush Defeat? - A DEM Loss? - GOP Loses Out?

I have seen all of those headlines and a lot worse ascribing the failure of the immigration amnesty bill (v2.01 - as opposed to amnesty bill v1.01 from 1986!) to various and sundry people/parties, etc.

Stepping back from the fiasco for a minute i am feeling that this might instead be a victory for the majority of this nation! Just maybe the voters, who harangued the Senators over the weekend as they tried for the most part to hide behind closed doors, were the real driving force!

More power to the voter.......What a unique concept!

The bill was a sham, or as Michelle Malkin labeled it "Shamnesty" (great word Michelle!)... Take out a few numbers and magic elixers such as "Z" visas, etc. and you have 1986 repeated. You who are old enough....and at 64 I am....remember the "cure for all time" which was supposed to be the 1986 amnesty bill. The bill might have been good. The follow through was abomination! No funding, no enforcement, etc.

Then along comes this current fiasco.....Bush/Kennedy/et al simply wrote what they pleased, dragged in a few they managed to convince and then pronounced it all good and well. Of course along the way they refused to follow the normal legislative process and skipped such niceties as Committee hearings; open discussion; making the bill available for all to read.

In place of the usual, Bush-Ken-Co simply said "Trust Me!" If that comment from a politician....particularly from a President who has abandoned his base and a Senator known for his ability to swim solo, would make the average voter shudder and do exactly the opposite.

I believe that is what happened here. If the Senators might ever admit that I would be surprised, but i believe it!

Congratulations my fellow border-security unique to have the majority actually prevail!