Sunday, February 04, 2007

"The Wonder Spot" & "Spook Hill!"

Two spots, more than 1200 miles apart that I have visited.....and spots which work hard to portend a defying of the laws of physics......One is going away.....

"The Wonder Spot"....located in Wisconsin was a place I visited in my youth in amazement, and later (30s) in understanding of the visual misconceptions which perpetuated its myth. It is being bought by a local city as a road site.....

Read about it and know the mystique!

Then I moved to Florida, and in my moving about became an officer of the county of Polk, and found the "Spook Hill" mystique.... Explore it HERE!

It is equally, a visual deception, playing upon your mind and your eyes with perceptions not true.....but it is there and you can go do this to this day....

I had forgotten about it, but am now reminded.

Interesting stuff from an earlier part of my life!