Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"From Sail to Steam...In The Newsroom!"

It is apparent to all but the head-in-the-sand senior editors themselves that the Main Stream Media - Principally the print media, are in a reallllly steep decline. Readership shrinks, and believability drops like a rock. This process has been going on for more than a decade, but is accelerating.

Hugh Hewitt has the definitive story on the process....with lots of links, and a more-than-passingly-believable comparison to the switch from sail to steam by our Navy.

It is the usual fact-filled, and fun read from Hugh. Check out Hugh Hewitt.

I am not surprised by the sinking media. I am surprised by both their ignorance of the facts, and their reliance on old "spin" and "bias" pieces they still seem to actually believe the public will buy without reading their blogs where the story is refuted...almost before it is printed!

The MSM better get their "steam" on track before their "sails" rip to the point of obscurity for the ever-shrinking media giants of print.