Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hillary's Hoof-In-Face Disease Grows!

One of Hillary's college profs noted she was a socialist.

Now, despite her handlers best efforts she has already laid out in plain sight notice of just how socialist she really is.

Exxon posted profits of 39T....Trillion last year. Hillary is aghast!

The fact that this is about a 10-11% profit margin (well below most people's perceptions of what a company should make for its shareholders...considered by most to be 20%) not just a magic figure one pulls down without explanation.

But....The Hildabeast sees ANY profit as belonging to the government....so she explains in this statement:

"The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence." (Emphasis is mine)

Now before you kiddies who believe ALL the bullxxxt about profit being bad get your knickers in a giant wad, just stop to consider what is going on here.

Neal Boortz today addresses the issue....and just who would be hurt by the "taking" of profits!

Where do we start with Hillary's comment? There are so many points that need to be brought up.

First is Hillary's obvious belief that the profits of American corporations are the government's to take. This attitude shows a complete disdain for the concept of private property rights. Those profits belong to the shareholders of Exxon Mobile, not to government, and certainly not to Hillary Rodham.

And just who are the shareholders of Exxon Mobile? Who are the people that Hillary wants to punish by "taking" their earnings?

Here we have to battle the economic ignorance of the American people ... an economic ignorance fostered by our hideous system of government education. Most Americans believe that the Exxon Mobile shareholders are probably rich fat cats sitting on their yachts in the Bahamas or jetting around the world on their private jets when they aren't living in their multi-million dollar homes.


Some of the largest shareholders in Exxon Mobile are quite likely retirement funds. Teacher retirement funds, Police retirement funds. Fireman retirement funds. These funds invest their member's money in stocks of corporations likely to return a good annual dividend. The dividends are then used to write the monthly checks to retirees. This is the money that Hillary wants to "take."

Now Hillary knows this. She may be America's most dangerous politician (you're beginning to see why) but she most certainly is not stupid. She knows who those Exxon Mobile shareholders are. She also knows that most Americans buy the fat-cat scenario and that she can talk about "taking" corporate profits with virtual immunity. The people who she depends on to vote for her have no understanding how dangerous she is."

So now you can understand kiddies.....Hillary wants to take YOUR money....YOUR retirement money if you belong to one of the above groups. Or, if you are an investor....The Hildabeast just wants to take your money to use for other purposes.

Free Enterprise, my friends....It IS what makes America work. Without profit we have only a socialist nation....where nothing works or grows....Check out the socialist/communist countries for success stories.....Cuba, Russia, N. Korea, etc. All economic failures with no citizens making a good income or enjoying a good retirement...except their criminals.

We DO NOT need nor want a socialist for President.