Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ford Fires "Peashooter" In Car Wars!

In their race to reverse the inroads by Japanese, Korean, & European car makers Ford has developed a new strategy!

WOW....this is just so very, very indicative of what is WRONG with the American car makers.....

Ford recently came out with a new car.....Ford 500. This sedan is upper mid-sized, and was announced and introduced with loud claims of wonderfulness from Ford. Sales since have been dragging!

Ford,in an marvelously inventive move, has found the cure......RENAME THE CAR! They have decided to call it "Taurus".....

Now, I ask they seriously think renaming the car to the only model in recent history which was #1 will boost sales? Maybe they could just call it "Rolls Royssss"!

& American car manufacturers wonder why their sales are sliding ever-further down the tubes!

Any Questions class?