Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The "Most Free" Countries....????

Columnist Walter Williams has a great piece over at Townhall.

It concerns a newly-produced map of the "most-free" countries in the world.

He explains that freedom & economic freedom are different items:

" The economic development lesson is clear: Have a system of economic freedom and grow rich. Extensive government control, weak property rights and government corruption almost guarantee poverty. A country's institutional infrastructure is critical to its economic growth and the well-being of its citizens. The most critical are protection of private property, enforcement of contracts and rule of law."

His piece goes much further, of course, and you might find it interesting as a map of POVERTY-STRICKEN COUNTRIES!

In case you did not read the link here is the surprise: USA is #4! Numbers 1 & 2 are Hong Kong (89%) and Singapore (86%)....#3 Australia (83%. The USA figure....only 82%!

The non-surprises include the bottom-feeders....North Korea at 3% (157th); Cuba at 30% (156th); followed by...Libya (34) Zimbabwe (36), Burma (40), Turkmenistan (42), Congo (43), Iran (43), Angola (43), and Guinea-Bassau (45).

Think it is sad we are #4? Thank the liberals who want government involvement/control of all aspects of our lives and businesses. It is time for a true Libertarian approach for the USA to halt the slide into lesser-freedom.