Monday, November 13, 2006

What the Hell Are They Thinking?


I swear the politicians all are inhabited by a bug which eats out their ability to recognize anything but their own thinking.

The election is over.......Two results:

DEMs are in power soon!
GOPs are not!

So, given their new levels of achievement, or lack-thereof, one would think the crowds at both party centers might try really hard to cater toboth their base and the votes that DID NOT occur last week to insure a 2008 victory.


Not these head-up-your-patoot guys!

The GOP is headed toward rewarding those in charge of the lost election with...... YEPPERS, you guessed it....a re-election to their leadership posts. They are apparently not going to dissect the vote and the problems and then decide on a direction. Instead they are going to apparently again elect Boehner (pronounced "bay-ner", but should be "BONE-ER") and Blunt so they can plan another fiasco in 2008. Meanwhile if that is not enough they are naming our own Florida Senator Mel "I'll lie about anyone, anytime to get elected" Martinez as the RNC! Could we do worse?????

Nothing better on the DEM side......Pelosi wants the new 2nd in command to be none other than "I hate all soldiers" Murtha.....WOW what a choice. & The plans are underway for scalp-hunting all along the lots of "nationalized" illegals and a nice new tax hike, plus elimination of the existing tax cuts. WOW how to win voters and try for a 2008 win.

You know what I think just might happen?????

DEMs lose their 2008 chance via tax hikes, a sliding economy, and "cut & run"; and, the GOPs lose their chance at regaining Congress thru their inept (and continued) leadership.....

Newt Gingrich steps forward, and selects Rice, Guiliani, or Romney as a running partner and becomes our next President!

Stranger things have happened.