Saturday, November 11, 2006

Speculation, Just That!

Let me try this one on you.

President Bush didn't want a GOP victory in 2006.

Bush, a proven middle-of-the-road Republican, could have done so much more to help his party win the election. He could have hammered the roaring economy instead of Iraq. He could have fired Rummy 3 weeks before the election, not the day after.

There are more examples, but let me indicate to you why I feel he may have not tried to win for the GOP. a) He can, with a cooperative Democratic party, now institute the illegal alien plan he wanted all along....without having to close the border. b) He can use the final two years to work toward some resolution of growing Iraqi unrest in the voters by now laying the problem back on the Democrats who will have to both satisfy their angry demanding left and yet not be the "cut and run" folks. The Dems realize that a pure cut and run will cost them the election in 2008. c) He knows the Dem plan to drop the tax cuts, coupled with what will be a try for a spending spree like we have not seen (even given the GOP budget debacle of the past 6 years) will do nothing but relieve all pressure on the GOP and reinstall them as the party of restraint in budgets.

Speculation, that is all this is my friends....however there is enough meat and potato look about it to give one pause to consider.