Monday, November 13, 2006

Martinez - No-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!!!!!!

Let me be quite explicit......

WE, the voters of Florida, having experienced the devilish and dreadful acts of Mel Martinez, We DO NOT want him as RNC!


We, the voters of Florida have some principles.......I, a usually regular GOP voter, voted against one GOP candidate when Mel ran for Senator.....MEL!

His dirty politics are well known here, and apparently are just him.... He has a history of dirty style politics....and to have him as RNC is abominable!

We have to stop this prior to the meeting next year......What the hell happened to the talk of Steele??? Is this another Bush gambit? Damn, it is time to abandon "The Bush" and get on with REAL GOP politics.....or 2008 is also history, plus a possibly even bigger loss!

The GWB mystique is GONE.......he is both a lame duck, and a person who has abandoned his conservative group....the folks who put him in office. I guess he just does not care about the base... how hard it is to know he has abandoned us. But, the signs were there......illegals, judicial appointments, etc. He is a moderate....who courted and won the conservative vote, but now needs to be pushed aside for the future of the GOP!


UPDATE: Please go and take time to vote on this poll....GOP FOLKS!