Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's A PC World!

NO, I am not speaking of the proper behavior etiquette, but instead the computers, ubiquitous monsters of the Gates era.

Today I spent most of my time fighting problems with my aging old mini-tower...the last PC I actually built. During my six hour quest to fix the several problems which presented themselves, I mused on The Duchess and I as a "regular" family....Ha!

Between the two of us we have three desktops and two laptops currently functioning. That is, for those without fingers, 5 computers for two people! Just how absurd is that?

I have explanations.....I have two desktops as I have not yet moved in my new one since I find it hard to download most of what I have on the old one I built. She has a desktop as she could never get on the computer when I was around....I live on mine.

I bought a laptop to take in our motorhome, and went wireless at home. Then, as I added GPS to my mobile computer, she was again left PC-less.....sooo, a 2nd laptop just for her.

There is something not just right about that.....but then those who have been "puterin" long as I have will understand it better when they know that under this very desk, snug in its zipper bag is my antique KayPro....which was a 28Mhz processor with twin single-sided 5 1/4 inch floppy drives and NO hard drive. It also ran on an operating system called CP/M.....It is complete with tilt down green screen and keyboard snapped onto the front.

Ah, we idiots of the computer world. I have got to clear this room out one of these days, and am only glad we have a nice-sized home where an extra bedroom is just for computers and software and books for them....a room full!