Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are Ya Watchin, Folks?

The beat is so loud a good conservative, and MANY middle-of-the-roaders can hear it!

Dems headed for control......

1. IRAQ is on the table for "control"

2. Tax hikes vis-a-vis allowing the current tax cuts to expire; AND, by adding new taxes to "balance the budget" (what stops a Democrat from finding ways to CUT expenses... they only see tax hikes as a cure....)

3. The Shrillary is already ex"pound"ing on her ideas for the NEED for socialized medicine, oops, excuse me....government involvement in healthcare. If you have a PC monitor and keyboard (of course you have!) then go take a look at the fine success of socialized medicine in England, Canada, and the Scandinavian countries....They are massive failures where people wait unbeliveably long times for regular surgical procedures.

Yeppers folks, we got us a Democratic gummit goin!